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Welcome To Our Website2021-05-08
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할빈에 배드민턴 열기 뜨겁다,
할빈에 거주하고 있는 배드민턴 애호가들이 즐거워하는 운동회가 다가 ..[more →]
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Beijing TanGun Cultural Exchange Center aims to disseminate Korean culture and folklore works, and promote exchanges and works exhibitions with countries and ethnic groups. Cultural exchanges promote the exchange of needs among various ethnic groups, enhance cultural development and enrichment, and bring Korean culture and works to the world.

TanGun culture also strives to open up exchanges, enhance understanding, and achieve integration among nations. Communication is further than communication. It is the mutual transmission of information, the mutual reference of opinions, the mutual influence of ideas, and the mutual expression of emotions. Compared with communication, communication has a more "human touch" and emphasizes the interaction and reciprocity between subjects, which is a deeper communication.
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Appreciation of Folklore Works
Folk Culture
The life culture created, enjoyed and passed on by the general public
Movie animation
Korean movies, animation works, clips, videos
Paintings, calligraphy, sculptures and other pure art works and practical art works
National crafts, with a long history, a wide variety, and a unique national style